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Assisted Living Technology NDIS

- PRESS RELEASE - Assisted Living Technology NDIS SMART HOMES CREATING INDEPENDENCE Living in a Smart Home was once considered a luxury, however, over the past 5 years developments in wireless technology now means it is easy to use and very affordable. Smart Home technology is transforming lives at home, giving independence to those with impaired […]

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Automated Z-Wave Blinds

Automated Z-Wave blinds are more than just a luxury, they are energy efficient, blocking out the sun in the middle of the day to reduce your cooling costs. Automated blinds are great for hard to reach places and make your home feel elegant. You can utilise your blinds in your automation system, With the use […]

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WHAT IS HOME AUTOMATION? Home automation uses a computer to control basic household activities either automatically or remotely. An automated home is sometimes called a “Smart home”. There is a central Home Controller sitting at the heart of the system, around that there are various devices from Lighting controllers, Sensors, Temperature controllers, entry/exit doors, blinds, […]

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For those of your exploring the home automation world, here is an explanation of Z-Wave Technology. Z-Wave is a wireless communications technology primarily for home automation processes, and is the leading solution in smart home automation. Z-Wave products create a mesh of devices to cover a variety of home automation tasks. Wireless signals get lost, Z-Wave […]

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Boost your wireless signal

Want your internet download/view speeds to increase and be the same as your cable connection? Are you having trouble watching movies or TV online, your Wifi connection may be your problem? To boost your wireless signal, you need to upgrade your Wifi with a Unfi AP. Get around your multilevel property – make sure your […]

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