Power Points

A very common electrical component, power points are typically located all throughout a house.

They can be found in every room in the house including outdoors. They are used to operate electrical appliances and devices, without power points, appliances and devices cannot be used.

Double GPO with USB

Coming in a variety of forms and sizes, there are many different types of power points that include 15 amp power points, four outlet power points, Feature power points, surge protection power points and outdoor weatherproof power points.

Lately USB power points have become available allowing you to plug your Phone or Tablet cable straight in without a power adapter thus freeing up the Power outlets for appliances.

Quad Power point

In most households, there will generally be at least one power point in every room in the house. If you find that your home is in need of additional power points, a cost effective way is to have a Quad power point installed in place of a single or double power point, this is a cost effective way of doubling your power points without the need to run more cabling.

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