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AEOTEC MultiSensor 6 Recess Mounting Bracket


$30.00 excl

This product is temporarily out of stock. Please contact us for availability.

How It Works:

Use this bracket to mount your AEOTEC MultiSensor 6 in the ceiling or wall and make the sensor as discreet as it can be.

Enjoy the new invisible MultiSensor!

For overseas orders or express post delivery contact us for a detailed quote.

*These particular products can only be used in Australia, New Zealand and Brazil

Required Mounting Hole size: 75mm


  • Choose the right spot for your MultiSensor
  • Make a 75mm Hole in the Ceiling or Wall
  • Lock the MultiSensor in place in the Recess Bracket
  • Insert the Recess Bracket in the ceiling or wall -(It will hold itself in place)



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