Ability Impaired with Z-Wave

Z-Wave technology gives the ability impaired more independence at home.

This amazing technology allows the ability impaired to live in their homes longer knowing they can reach out for help if they experience any trouble, in an instant.

As the National Disability Insurance Scheme rolls out, now, more than ever before is the best time to review your home automation needs and improve the quality of your life.

Hikvision Dome Camera
Hikvision Turret Camera
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If you have the ability to control your smart phone or tablet through touch or voice control, you can make everyday tasks within your life possible, living within a smart home. You can now operate your home automation with voice recognition technology  on your android device.

By placing a few simple devices in the home, you can turn lights on or off or simplify your home lighting. You can enable lights to activated via a motion sensor at a dimmed or full level when moving throughout the house, room to room.

Remote door access enables you to screen who is at the front door before letting in Carers or visitors, due to the IP Camera on your smart phone. Video footage viewed via the IP Camera can be recorded on your computer.

You can open and close roller blinds, operate venetian blinds in tilt or up down function. You can operate side and tilt opening windows electronically. You can have Electronic swing doors fitted to your home; operated by switches, keypads and through your home automation system.

Z-Wave technology can be operated from a simple 4 button Remote. This Remote can be carried around on your person allowing you a myriad of applications: e.g. shut down the house at night even whilst in bed, lock doors, turn lights off, or alarm security systems. Separate scenarios can be created to turn on lights, control heating/cooling to operate at predetermined levels, or operate that ‘pesky’ entertainment scene — making operating the TV or Cable TV or any device with an infared remote control a breeze.

A Fibaro Button can be programed to turn on outdoor lighting and sirens and send a message to a loved one or neighbor. Enjoy total peace of mind knowing help is available in an emergency. Set up Video Surveillance, internally or externally to have your loved one contact you on screen (in person) immediately once that HELP message is received.

The possibilities of simplifying everyday life for the ability impaired are endless. This will not only provide convenience, comfort and safety, allowing them to maintain their independence, but it can vastly improve peace of mind plus the quality of life for all family.