Energy Efficiency

Have an elegant comfortable home and start reducing your energy use.

Z-wave technology gets you saving energy and money, from lighting, climate, irrigation and shading controls to intelligent outlets and power strips, there are simple Z-Wave products that let you monitor, control and manage your home energy usage.

Z-Wave water valve
Smat-Switch 6
AEOTEC Smart switch 6

Installing a lighting control system can offer significant savings on your electricity bill as well as giving you the piece of mind of added security and comfort.

Lighting and comfort can be integrated as one, so that your home creates the perfect levels of light and climate, perfectly controlled from your computer, smartphone or tablet whether you are home or away.

Regulating your heating and cooling will start saving you money straight away, controlling your pool pumps or electric water heaters can see you saving hundreds on your electricity bill.

Why have your hot water heater on when you are away on holidays, get on your mobile when returning home to reconnect the hot water system allowing you to have a steamy bath when you walk in the door.

You left the house in a hurry; did you turn off your lights, air-conditioner and computer? Conserve energy, by turning off all your devices remotely You can even set up a “shut down” mode for your house so when you leave the house you can instantly turn off all those chargers, computers, A/V equipment and more.