Enjoy movie night with the family with just the right amount of light.

You are having a quiet evening at home watching a movie, when the doorbell rings. The movie is paused; lights go on with 30% brightness in the living room and 100% brightness in front of the house.


The picture from camera in front of the house appears on your TV screen. You pick up the phone, on which you can see a picture close-up, you have a short conversation and then you open the gate with just one click.

Integrate a full home cinema room for the ultimate in home entertainment and the big screen.

Listen to your favorite music in any room. Imagine… you enter the lounge room and your favorite music starts playing. You walk into the living room, sensor detects your presence in the living area and starts playing the same music.

But there’s more… In the event of an emergency, all audio devices can play specific message to warn your family.

Using pre-set lighting scenes means you can use single touch commands that will set up the rooms light levels to your exact look and feel, perfect for when your are watching television, or reading or entertaining.

When having a party, make the most of your outdoor entertaining area, program an outdoor scene to turn on your outdoor and pool lighting, have your spa turned on, ensure you pool is heated and adjust the temperature of your pool, turn on your water features.