Heating & Cooling

Conserve Energy and increase comfort.

Climate control systems give you ultimate climate control throughout your home, enabling your thermostats and window blinds to work together to improve energy efficiency and reduce the demands of the heating and cooling system.

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Zwave thermostat

Set a comfortable temperature setting in a specific room or the entire house; program your air-conditioning, fans and heaters to prepare the house for your arrival from work.

Remotely access your climate control system to turn your heating off when you know you have to work late, saving energy and money.

Have your exhaust fans turn on, skylights open when a certain humidity level is reached in bathrooms/laundry’s.

Automate blinds for hard to reach windows or skylights. Program your blinds to open and close at sunrise and sunset or preset blinds to close during lunchtime to keep out the midday sun.

Climate control systems can also react to the temperature or daylight levels or simply set to predetermined times.