Lighting Control now delivers efficiency, comfort and security in one.

Control the lights in your home or office from your computer, smartphone or tablet. With the touch of your phone you can create ambience within your home to reflect your mood, enhance your security and save both energy and money.

fibaro single relay 480-480
Fibaro double switch

A bedtime scene can turn your lights off and arm your security system at night.

Activate you lights with motion light sensors to dim a hallway light at night for small children to make their way to the bathroom. Or enable lights to activate at a dimmed level when elderly get out of bed, no more stumbling in the dark looking for a switch.

Have indoor/ outdoor lights react to motion, light levels or simply set to predetermined times. Command your system to set lights on 10mins before you arrive home; and arrive to a home well lit. A scene can be created to turn the garage lights on when a garage door is opening. It can turn on your side lamps within your house using automated power outlets.

Create away from home schedules to simulate a lived in look when you’re away, also having the ability to control your lights remotely. Shut down your office with touch of your phone.

U Control Electrical’s automation solution offers a non-invasive installation process, which eliminates the need to run meters of cables. Miniaturised modules can be installed, behind a light switch, roller blind switch, etc.

Z-Wave devices are capable of controlling LED lighting or fluorescent lights. Given devices do not permanently connect to building infrastructure, renovating or changing your interior design is easy, remove any module from the wall and install it into its new location.