There’s no greater feeling then knowing you and your family is secure.

You can build and choose your security system to your needs or we can integrate your existing alarm system with Z-wave technology. Through cameras, door locks, motion sensors, lighting, sirens, flood sensors, window/door sensors, panic buttons you will have security knowing you will receive a text message if there is any trouble at home. If anyone is to break into your home, you get an immediate alert, you can also activate a panic button to turn on lights and sirens within the house. Provide your home with greater security by giving the illusion that someone is home by controlling the lights, shades and television, whilst you’re on holiday.

Hikvision Turret Camera
Hikvision Dome Camera

Cameras. View your cameras around your home from your computer, smart phone or tablet. You can view your entry and exit points, log your activity within the interior or exterior, screen your visitors, pets or keep an eye on your kids. You can see who is at the front door with your IP Camera on you phone before remotely unlocking the door to let in your cleaner or have your neighbor accept a package for you. Imagine being able to view your business, holiday house, or home with surveillance video, from any remote location.

Door locks. With a smart door lock, you can check that you have locked your front door on your phone when you are out and about, or set it to automatically lock within a minute or two of leaving the house. You will always know who is coming or going, simply receiving a text message to let you know when your child gets home from school.

Remotely opening your door for a family member when you’re on vacation to bring in the mail, your system knows when the door was opened and by whom. Your kid’s wont need to worry about loosing the keys or getting locked out again.

Motion Sensors. When a motion sensor or window/ door sensor is breached, it can turn on a light, take a photo or video from your camera.. The Z-Wave controller sends an email to your smartphone. You can see for yourself what’s going on, and decide for yourself what needs to happen next.

Environmental Sensors. Sensors can help prevent disasters and keep your home and valuables safe. They can notify you when detecting floods, gas leaks, extreme temperatures, glass breakage, fires or smoke.